Topics in Condensed Matter Physics

Lecture Course for graduate students


CFIF/Dep. Física


Spin-dependent transport theory

Prof. Vitalii Dugaev


Winter semester: 2004/2005

Dates and time:  Thursdays, 14:00, starting December 2, 2004

Location: Edifício de Pós-Graduação, Sala P1


Lecture 1. Introduction into physics of spin-dependent phenomena in nanostructures. Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) and tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) effects. Spintronics.


Lecture 2. Transport theories of metals and semiconductors. Classical theory of Drude-Lorentz. Boltzman kinetic equation. Magnetoresistance of metals and semiconductors. Hall effect.


Lecture 3. Transport theories of metals and semiconductors (cont). Formalism of Green functions and Feynman diagrams. Kubo formula for conductivity. Charge and spin currents. Spin Hall effect.


Lecture 4. Scattering from magnetic impurities. Kondo effect on magnetic impurities and Abrikosov-Suhl resonance. Spin-orbit interaction. Spin relaxation.


Lecture 5. Transport in low-dimensional systems: size-quantization effects. Two-dimensional electron gas. Semiconductor quantum wells. Quantum wires. Quantum dots. Spin-orbit interaction in low-dimensional systems.


Lecture 6. Transport in low-dimensional systems: size-quantization effects (cont). Ballistic transport in nanoconstrictions. Aharonov-Bohm effect in nanorings. Quantization of Hall conductivity in 2D systems.


Lecture 7. Transport in magnetic systems. Spin-dependent scattering. GMR effect. Anomalous Hall effect: mechanisms of side-jump and skew scattering.


Lecture 8. Localization and mesoscopic effects. Anderson localization. Theory of weak localization. Negative magnetoresistance effect. Localization in magnetic systems.   


Lecture 9. Coulomb interaction and theories of strongly correlated systems. Landau theory of the Fermi liquid. Coulomb interaction in 1D system. Bosonization method.


Lecture 10. Coulomb interaction and theories of strongly correlated systems (cont). Stoner mechanism of ferromagnetism in metals. Effect of Coulomb blockade.


Lecture 11. Kondo effect in conductivity through the quantum dot. Splitting of the Kondo resonance in magnetic structures with quantum dots and nanoparticles. Spin transistor.  


Lecture 12. Spin-dependent tunnelling in magnetic nanostructures. Effect TMR. Spin quantum well. Transport in ferromagnetic wires with domain walls. Negative resistance of the domain wall.