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QGRAF-3.1.5 is available (Feb 2018).

QGRAF-R has been released (May 2016);
two related papers available online (Feb 2017).


QGRAF is a computer program that can generate Feynman diagrams and represent them by symbolic expressions; no graphical representation is generated, though.
It was written to assist in large perturbative calculations, in the context of Quantum Field Theory.

QGRAF-R is a computer program that can find number conservation rules for particle physics models; it can then identify (un)physical processes that break those rules, thereby establishing the non-existence of matching Feynman diagrams to all orders of perturbation theory.
The model files accepted as input are exactly those accepted by QGRAF, and thus QGRAF-R may also be used to help cross-checking the correctness of those files: if the rules found by QGRAF-R are not as expected then the model description is likely wrong.


A login window should appear when you first click on one of the links displayed below; then enter anonymous as username and (optionally) your e-mail address as password.
NB: all access is logged; the username should be entered correctly, access will be denied if there is any typo or even extra space.

The following links let you pick either a tgz type archive or the individual files. There are two (incompatible) major releases/versions to choose from; release 3 is recommended unless, for compatibility reasons, release 2.0 is really required.

There is also a tool (designed for 'unix-like' environments) to convert model and style files written for version 2.0 into files suitable for versions 3.x.

For now QGRAF-R should be treated as a beta-release; it seems to work, though.

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