Downloading instructions
A login window should appear upon clicking one of the links displayed below (light-blue text); then enter anonymous as username and (optionally) as password too.
NB: the username must be correct, access will be denied if there is any typo or white space.

The license (and the disclaimer) for these programs are included in the header of the Fortran source file. Interested persons may download the program(s) and, if not agreeing with the license terms, should simply delete the downloaded file(s) (as well as any other file derived from them).


So far, qgraf-3.4 (currently in the form of qgraf-3.4.2) is the only version that has been declared stable. A ‘stable’ version should be expected to be available for at least five years since its original release. Any other released version lies somewhere between a stable and a development version, unless explicitly dubbed otherwise (eg a ‘beta’-version).

  • compressed archives ( tar + gzip )

  • qgraf-3.6.5.tgz
    size sha256sum
    450.KB 648cc82bf3327a4c36d36847d3921fcfa5d7f73c1646241760db030abdc86c29
    size sha256sum
    427.KB 54abed54e229c5a956f72733620e68c3568bfa4aed1dde0a801c7ae46e0ccd0c
    size sha256sum
    359.KB cfc029fb871c78943865ef8b51ebcd3cd4428448b8816714b049669dfdeab8aa
  • separate, uncompressed files

  • qgraf-r-1.0.tgz
    size sha256sum
    91.KB 096b26f7c6697b85cb55d999cd039ca1ce1fde67aa64c1cc9a5cfde193bf6c51