Download instructions
A login window should appear upon clicking one of the links displayed below (light-blue text);
then enter anonymous as username and (optionally) as password too.
NB: the username must be correct, access will be denied if there is any typo or white space.


So far, qgraf-3.4 (currently in the form of qgraf-3.4.2) is the only version that has been declared stable. A ‘stable’ version should be expected to be available for at least five years since its original release, and should be at least five months old.

  • compressed archives ( tar + gzip )

  • qgraf-3.6.3.tgz
    size sha256sum
    446.KB 73bc6a9bb10525c14dad6a815e44328c180323041a84f761bebce7e24b1877c7
    size sha256sum
    427.KB 54abed54e229c5a956f72733620e68c3568bfa4aed1dde0a801c7ae46e0ccd0c
    size sha256sum
    359.KB cfc029fb871c78943865ef8b51ebcd3cd4428448b8816714b049669dfdeab8aa
  • separate, uncompressed files

  • qgraf-r-1.0.tgz
    size sha256sum
    91.KB 096b26f7c6697b85cb55d999cd039ca1ce1fde67aa64c1cc9a5cfde193bf6c51