Available Preprints:

* F. Kleefeld:
On some meaningful inner product for real Klein-Gordon fields with positive semi-definite norm
Internal preprint number: FK-2006-3
(accepted for publication in Czech J. Phys.)
* E. van Beveren, D.V. Bugg, F. Kleefeld, G. Rupp:
The Nature of sigma, kappa, a0(980) and f0(980)
Internal preprint number: FK-2006-2
(accepted for publication in Phys. Lett. A)
* M.D. Scadron, F. Kleefeld, G. Rupp:
Pion chiral symmetry breaking in the quark-level linear sigma model and chiral perturbation theory
Internal preprint number: FK-2006-1
* Eef van Beveren, João E.G.N. Costa, Frieder Kleefeld, George Rupp:
From the Kappa via the D*S0(2317) to the ChiC0: connecting light and heavy scalar mesons
(See also: http://cft.fis.uc.pt/eef/animations/start.html )
Internal preprint number: FK-2005-4
(accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. D)
* F. Kleefeld:
Non-Hermitian Quantum Theory and its Holomorphic Representation: Introduction and Applications
Internal preprint number: FK-2004-3
(Invited oral contribution to the 2nd Int. Workshop on "Pseudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians in Quantum Physics II", 14.-16.6.2004, Villa Lanna, Prague, Czech Republic)
* F. Kleefeld:
Non-Hermitian Quantum Theory and its Holomorphic Representation: Introduction and Some Applications
Internal preprint number: FK-2004-1
(to be submitted for publication (after some revision!))
* F. Kleefeld:
Is a quantum theory of resonances really time asymmetric?
Proceedings of CFIF 2003 workshop on "Time Asymmetric Quantum Theory: the Theory of Resonances", 23.-26.7.2003, CFIF, IST, Lisbon, Portugal
Internal preprint number: FK-2003-5
(to be published in proceedings, if there will be any)
* F. Kleefeld:
Model-independent definition and determination of electromagnetic formfactors and multipole moments
Internal preprint number: FK-2000-3
* F. Kleefeld:
Approximate field-theoretic method of describing scattering and production processes of composite particles by asymptotic in- and outgoing Bethe-Salpeter states
(Internal report, 18 pages)
Internal preprint number: FAU-TP3-99 / 2
* F. Kleefeld, M. Dillig:
Protoninduced $\pi^0$-, $\eta$- and $K^+$-Production at Threshold
Internal preprint number: FAU-TP3-98 / 17
(Preprint and poster-contribution to the Eighth International Conference on the Structure of Baryons (Baryons '98), University of Bonn, Germany, September 22-26, 1998
* F. Kleefeld, M. Dillig:
Trace evaluation of matrix determinants and inversion of 4 x 4 matrices in terms of Dirac covariants
Internal preprint number: FAU-TP3-97 / 4
* F. Kleefeld, M. Dillig:
Bethe-Salpeter-Approach to Relativistic Two-Fermion-Systems with a Separable Nonstatic Interaction
Internal preprint number: FAU-TP3-96 / 2
(See also: Few-Body Systems 15 (1993) N24)