Topology of Strongly Correlated Systems

Instituto Superior Técnico (I.S.T.)
Lisbon, Portugal, October 8-13, 2000

``Topology of Strongly Correlated Systems'' continues the sequence of a series of other schools that have been held in Lisbon, Portugal, on several topics since 1979 . The XVIII Autumn School will take place from Sunday October 8 to Friday October 13. It intends to bring together physicists from different areas ranging from QCD to Condensed Matter. We feel that this subject will be of ever growing importance in the coming years.


Traditionally, in this series of schools there is a small group of invited speakers that give an introduction to the main ideas in the field. These should be presented at a level that a graduate student may follow in a series of typically three lectures of one hour each, developing the topic to the present status of knowledge. Since the subject chosen for this school is of wide interest we intend also to invite speakers to give either an one hour or an half an hour account of their research. A workshop constituted by talks from participants will also take place. This includes young researchers. The proceedings of the lectures and talks will be published.


Anomalies, Physical Charges, Chiral Symmetry, Vortices (Superconductivity, Solitons, Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions), Non-trivial Topology on the Lattice, Confinement (Wilson Loops and Strings, Instantons, Abelian Higgs Model, Dual QCD).


J. Ambjörn (Niels Bohr Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark).
M. Baker (University of Washington, Seattle, USA).
L. Bettencourt (Los Alamos Laboratory, USA).
N. Brambilla (Institut für Theoretische Physik, Vienna, Austria).
G. 't Hooft (Institut for Theoretical Physics, University of Utrecht, Netherlands).
H. Neuberger (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rutgers University, USA).
M. I. Polikarpov (Institut of Theoretical and experimental Physics, Moscow, Russia).
A. Sudboe (Trondheim University, Norway).
Z. Tesanovic (Department of Physics and Astronomy, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA).
D. J. Thouless (University of Washington, Seattle, USA).
G. E. Volovik (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland).
P. B. Wiegmann (James Franck and Enrico Fermi Institute, The University of Chicago, Chicago, USA).
J. Zinn-Justin (Saclay, Gif sur Ivette, France).

Short Talks

Abstracts for short communications (10-15 minutes) should be received before July 31, 2000. Answers concerning the acceptance of the abstracts will be given before July 31. Abstracts can be sent by e-mail to xviiischool@cfif.ist.utl.pt.


The organising and scientific committee is:

Pedro Bicudo, bicudo@herakles.ist.utl.pt
J. Emílio Ribeiro, emilio@atlas.ist.utl.pt
Pedro Sacramento, pdss@fidelio.ist.utl.pt
João Seixas, seixas@alfa.ist.utl.pt
Vítor Vieira, vrv@fidelio.ist.utl.pt

Contact and Registration

Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers in theoretical physics are most welcome to apply to participate. Applications including a short curriculum vitae and a list of publications should be sent to the following e-mail address:


This school has a fee of 300 Euro for senior participants and of 150 Euro for students. It includes the proceedings, the social program and the coffee breaks. The social program consists of a reception, a sight seeing tour, and the school dinner.

Unfortunately, the organisers do not expect to provide financial support to the participants for travel and local expenses. Please notice that the total number of participants in the School is restricted to 60.

Address of the School

XVII Autumn School
Centro de Física das Interacções Fundamentais
Instituto Superior Técnico, Edifício Ciência
P-1096 Lisboa Codex, Portugal

Phone: +351-218419092 Fax: +351-1-8419143
e-mail: xviiischool@cfif.ist.utl.pt
URL: http://cfif.ist.utl.pt/xviiischool

The School will be held at the Campus of the Instituto Superior Técnico, which is at five minutes walking distance from two subway stations, Saldanha and Alameda.


Registration: 30th of June 2000
Accommodation: 30th of June 2000
Submission of abstracts: 31st of July 2000

Hotel Accommodation

The deadline for the accommodation registration is the 30th of June 2000. Participants should reserve the accommodation directly through the travel agency Viagens Abreu, SA. The contact person is Mrs. Helena Desiderio, with email
who will supply on request the accommodation form and information about the hotel price ranges.

Vitor J. Rocha Vieira