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Lisbon International Airport is a destination for main international airlines. Lisbon can be conveniently reached by plane from many destinations; possibily a connection through London, Paris or Frankfurt may be required. Local airline Air Portugal operates a vast European network.

Local travel

From the airport, IST area (including conference hotels) can be reached with a 20-minute journey by taxi (about 2000 PTE fare). There is no subway link to the airport.

The Aero-Bus  shuttle service offers traveling from the airport to downtown and connections to the hotels near the route. The nearest bus stop to conference hotels is Saldanha but it is still a 10-15 minute walk to the hotel. Alternatively, you can leave the bus at the first stop Entrecampos and take the subway to Alameda on the green line (the hotels are very close to this station) but you have to change at Campo Grande subway station. Another possibility is to go till the bus terminal stop C. Sodre and take the subway directly to Alameda. The bus leaves every 20 minutes between 7am and 9pm from the international terminal. Tickets can be bought from the driver (450 PTE), and are valid for any journey that day on the bus, tram and elevator network.

IST area is well served by subway (Saldanha station in the yellow line or Alameda station in the red or green line): a 10-minute journey will be enough to reach the City Center (Rossio station in the green line or Baixa-Chiado station in the green or blue line). See here subway network map.


Lisbon has an Atlantic climate, with some Mediterranean influences. Due to these characteristics, the thermal amplitude is rarely high, with lots of sunny days even during the winter. In October, Lisbon's average temperature is of 20 degrees celsius.


The Portuguese unit of currency is the "Portuguese Escudo" (PTE) and  the $ sign is used. The existing coins are 200$00, 100$00, 50$00, 20$00, 10$00, 5$00 and 1$00 and bills are 10.000$00, 5.000$00, 2.000$00, 1.000$00 and 500$00. International credit cards and EURO checks are widely accepted. Banks are open from Monday to Friday, 08.30-15.00. The banks at the airport are open 24 hours a day, all week.
1 EURO = 200.482 PTE

Tourist Information

See page for tourist information about Lisbon.

For more travel information please access the Lisbon Tourism Bureau.