Postdoctoral Fellowships at CFIF

CFIF will give support to a maximum of three applications for 2-3 year post-doctoral grants, renewable on a 1-year basis, preferably in different areas, funded directly by FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology).

FCT is currently calling for applications for postdoctoral grants, for the purpose of carrying out advanced research in Portuguese Universities. The deadline is July 03, 2012 (5pm, Lisbon time).

Applications are individual and their evaluation will be made by FCT, directly, on a national basis. The endorsed applications will have CFIF as the host institution, one of the CFIF members listed below as research adviser, and a scientific work plan, established with the adviser. The research interests of CFIF members are described in their home pages.

Presently, in hadronic, nuclear and particle physics, CFIF has projects on methods and non-perturbative phenomena in the standard model, nuclear physics beyond the drip-lines and the study of exotic nuclei. In the area of condensed matter physics, we have projects in the areas of spintronics, cold atoms, superconductivity and quantum information.

Fellowships are unlikely to be able to start before January 2013 but a later date may be agreed upon. More information about these grants (BPD fellowships), including their stipends, is provided in the following links:

Candidates should contact one of the following CFIF researchers until June 26, 2011: Miguel Araújo, Lídia Ferreira, José Emílio Ribeiro, George Rupp, Pedro D. Sacramento, Vítor Rocha Vieira, in order to establish a research plan and to allow for a pre-selection.

Contacts and further information can be found at the CFIF website.